Our team


Pastor Troy’s Story

Troy Shedeed is a passionate visionary who strives to challenge people and leaders to exemplify God with excellence. Troy’s success in ministry is a result of his God-given gifting to be a visionary, strategist, creative, and an unrelenting passion to just not quit. With many years of full-time ministry experience, Troy has served as worship leader, youth pastor, assistant pastor, and now as senior pastor of Generations Church. Troy and his wife Jennifer have 3 daughters, Tiera, Kailee, and Rylie.

Pastor Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer Shedeed, wife to Troy Shedeed and a mom to 3 daughters, Tiera, Kailee and Rylie. She has been in full-time church ministry since 1994. She is passionate to see the broken and lost restored and changed by the power and love of God. Jennifer likes to keep it real with a prophetic bend and straightforward style of ministry and has learned that she is nothing without the power and presence of God.

  • boyd & leihua knott

    assistant pastors

    executive STAFF

    teaching staff

    Boyd and Leihua Knott have been a part of Generations Church since we launched back in 2005. As the church has grown over the years, they have served in multiple areas of ministry.  In February of 2016 they were both ordained into ministry and both serve as Executive Staff.  Boyd currently oversees our prayer and intercession teams, teaches Sundays and at GCMS, while working for Abbott Vascular Corporation as an engineer.  Leihua works in the church office and is the director of Connections along with other Pastoral duties.  


  • Mike & korky rogers



    Mike and Korky Rogers have come on as part time staff in 2016.  Mike and Korky have been in full time ministry over 35 years and bring a lot of experience and wisdom to the team.  They currently help at our Temecula location, handle much of the counseling, teach at GCMS and on Sundays.



    San Diego location PASTORS

    In 2016 Isaac & Myriam came underneath the guidance of Pastor Troy & Jennifer Shedeed and after about a years worth of guidance Isaac & Myriam felt in their hearts that they wanted their church to become a part of the Generations Church family. They have beautiful and loving family with 2 two kids and they will make you feel like a part of the family.


  • Jai & ANgela Anderson

    Assistant pastors

    youth ministry pastors

    Director of outreach

    In 2019, Jai & Angela moved all the way from the state of Michigan to be a part of our team at GC. Not only are they Rhema Bible College graduates but they also have years of ministry experience. They are passionate to see a powerful move of God on the younger generation. 

    CONTACT: jai@generationschurch.tv


    ASSistant PASTORS


    Kirk and Angel Olmos have been a part of the Generations Church since 2008. They have had years of experience in ministry and are called as pastors in every sphere of their lives. They are currently the GC Groups directors of all campus locations and assist Pastor Troy with the Emerge Leaders.

  • Sergio & Lorena casarez

    Moreno Valley Español Pastors 

    Sergio & Lorena Casarez are passionate about the spanish speaking community in the city of Moreno Valley. They are both talented musicians and bring an energetic message of God that will impact the lives of many. 

  • Rich & Devin ALicea

    Asst. campus pastors temecula

    Rich & Devin Alicea have a hunger to see positive changes happen in their community. They are both GCMS graduates and both bring a fresh approach to ministry. 

  • carlos & reina badilla

    Teaching staff

    Fresh start Team Coach

    Carlos and Reina Badilla have been attending Generations Church since 2013 and came on the team in 2016.  While working full time jobs outside of the church they both love and are actively involved in many areas of the church.  They are the directors of our evangelism and outreach ministries and Carlos preaches Sundays and oversees our Fresh Start course along with his teams.

  • bettina brown

    Asst. pastor

    director of ministry school

    Bettina Brown has been coming to GC since 2009 and has grown in our ministry and under the teaching of our pastors. She is the director of the GC Ministry School and operates in the prophetic and teaching gifts.  Bettina has a great wealth of experience in ministry and life and is a great benefit to our team.  She teaches at GCMS and Sunday mornings when needed and is our only staff from Germany!


  • nanie Garcia

    GC Kids Ministry COACH

    Nanie Garcia and her husband George Garcia and their kids have been coming to Generations since 2013. Nanie is a graduate of our GC Ministry School and assists in teaching GCMS classes and leading the GC Kids ministry.


  • TIera shedeed

    Graphic Designer

    WORSHIP Team coach

    Creative Director

    Tiera Shedeed is Pastor Troy and Jennifer's oldest daughter and has been serving at GC since 2005 alongside her family. She has her associates in Graphic Arts from PLATT College. She is also a graduate from our GC Ministry School and helps lead the Student Ministries.


  • Gabriel Diaz

    Production Director

    Gabe Diaz has been coming to Generations since 2012 and is a graduate of GCMS! He leads our video production and choreographs all of our incredible lights for each worship experience on Sundays.




    Keinani Knott is the office administrative assistant for the Generations Church Executive Office. She is a Generations Church Ministry School Alumni and has served and attended Generations Church for more than ten years. Her heart is to serve the vision of our pastors and this house through serving as assistant GC Kids Coach and many of the roles she has held here at GC.




    Keenen Knott is the Worship Music Director for Generations Church. He Is a Generations Church Ministry School Alumni and has served and attended  Generations Church since 2005. He gets excited when people use their talents to create a lively Sunday experience each week here at GC. 



Need to contact someone from our team? If you would like to book them for speaking, need counseling, or just simply would like to meet with them.