What is Movement makers?

Movement Makers is our annual giving pledge to see the vision of Generations Church come to pass. We declare that we are more than a church in a city, we are a movement to the world and in order to make the movement happen, we ask that you partner with us by committing to tithe and pledging to give above your tithe to the movement. 

What is your next step?


Identify where you are on the Giving Ladder. Look towards where your next step is going to be and begin to look at what steps you need to take to get there.

  • I give above and beyond my tithe to Generations Church & The Movement.

  • I faithfully bring 10% of my income to Generations Church.

  • I give consistently to Generations Church, but less than 10% of my income.

  • I give to to Generations Church but not consistently.

  • I have never given or give sporadically to Generations Church.


Now that you have looked at where you are on the ladder of giving, take time to PRAY about your next step that you could be taking over this next year. 


Now COMMIT that you have identified where you are and where you are going on the ladder. Pray about what you believe God is putting on your heart to give and about your next step on the ladder. 



A one-time gift that will begin your  Movement Makers giving at Generations Church for 2021. This is an essential beginning to the success of Movement Makers as it will help us begin moving towards our goal for the year. We will bring our kickstart offering & pledge on Sunday December 13, 2020.