Praise Reports

"2 years ago, I was in a literal nightmare. I was living in severe depression, fear, and debilitating anxiety. I felt detached from myself (mentally) and I would have panic attacks when I went anywhere. I stopped sleeping and after  8 days of being completely unable to fall asleep, I found myself in the ER, begging the doctors to sedate me. They began putting me on all sorts of medications. Nothing worked and I became suicidal, not because I wanted to die, but because I couldn't bear to live in this state anymore. I was sent to a therapist and was diagnosed with PTSD and  was under the impression that the things I was dealing with would take years to resolve. I needed God to deliver me.

I went to Generations and went up for prayer  and I started feeling like I had the strength to fight. God led me to a place where I felt safe and my sleep returned. Within DAYS, I was no longer taking medications. The suicidal thoughts lifted, the anxiety LIFTED, the depression LIFTED. All the symptoms of PTSD started disappearing; I no longer felt like a victim, I am protected and defended by Jesus. God has restored everything in my life and is doing things in my life that are too numerous to write here. I am overwhelmed by his goodness, his mercy, his kindness, and his faithfulness!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the pastors and leaders at GC who stood in the gap for me. Thank you for truly caring for the people who walk in those doors. Thank you for creating an environment where the HOLY SPIRIT THRIVES. He truly changes everything."