Generations Church



Spirit empowered people launching multiple church locations of real and authentic life giving experiences. Embracing of all generations. We equip all people to know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference in every sphere of life. We are more than a church in a city, we are a movement to the world.


    Many people know of God, have experienced religion in some version, but have never really fully understood what it means to “Know God”. We consider reaching people for Jesus as our greatest responsibility. Our weekend worship experiences serve people at all stages of there spiritual journey to help them “Know God”. We also offer our “Development Courses” for those who want to develop their faith and “Know God” even more


    As many of us have experienced, once we have Known God we realize some things in our lives that need to change. Maybe we feel we need some freedom from our past, freedom from addictive patterns, freedom emotionally, freedom from spiritual influences. Our desire at Generations Church is to help people once they have known God to “Find Freedom” in their life from these areas. We do that through our “Development Courses”, our GC Groups, prayer, or in some cases recommended counseling. It’s difficult moving forward in the call God has on our lives if we cannot get Freedom from areas in our life, make the decision to start today and let us help you “Find Freedom”!


    God has created each one of us for a special purpose and He has given us the gifting to do those callings. However many times people have struggled understanding how or what they are supposed to do for God. Once people have known God and found freedom, we then want to help them discover the purpose for which they were created. As part of our Get ON Course, class 3 is designed to help people identify how God has spiritually gifted and naturally gifted them so they can fulfill what they are called to do. We will help you and direct you to areas of ministry that you are uniquely made for by God.


    Once people have known God, found freedom in their life and have discovered the purpose in which we were created it is now time to make a difference in fulfilling Gods call on our lives. All of us were created by God to make a difference in the life of another person. God has a place for you where your unique abilities and passions can touch the lives of others. We believe that your life will never make sense until you find, develop and fulfill that purpose. It’s even better when the difference you are making is alongside others who are making a difference as well, we do all this through serving God together as a team at Generations Church. We encourage you to become part of the team and help us make a difference in our families, community, and church.